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We have a new Dojo Website that has been built by our students.
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Instructor Promotion

Please congratulate Brenda McLuskie on her promotion to
Fukushidoin (USAF Certified Instructor) effective 01/01/2012.

2012 Spring Seminar

Click here for
more information

2012 New Year's Testing

Please congratulate our recent Kyu promotions. Testing was held
during the 20122 O-Shogatsu (New Year's Celebration) on January 7th.

Edward Estrada 1st Kyu
Michael Stephenson 2nd Kyu
Erik Dutton 2nd Kyu
Cesar Balda 2nd Kyu
Jeremias Caez 4th Kyu
Antonio Sangio 5th Kyu
Caitlyn McLuskie Children's 5th Kyu
Sarah Dutton Children's 5th Kyu
Logan McLuskie Children's 5th Kyu

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Black Belt Promotions

Please congratulate our recent Dan promotions:

Yuka Frunzi    3rd Dan
Brenda McLuskie    2nd Dan
Jason Colvard    1st Dan


Eighty One

In our techniques we enter completely into, blend totally with, and control firmly an attack. Strength resides where one's ki is concentrated and stable confusion and maliciousness arise when ki stagnates.

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