Who We Are

Water Oak Aikikai is an intimate, traditional dojo tucked into the beautiful woods of Weddington, North Carolina. Weddington is in the South-East portion of the Charlotte metro-area, just minutes from Providence Road and I-485. The dojo is a dedicated 40 tatami training space with enough clearance for virtually any weapons training.

The dojo was originally built as a private training space for the McLuskie family behind their house. During a seminar in Charlotte, Yamada Sensei had the opportunity to visit the dojo. As he was leaving he instructed William to "open a school and start teaching students". This led to the registration of Water Oak Aikikai under the United States Aikido Federation in May 2003.

The Water Oak Aikikai Dojo

Water Oak Aikikai offers instruction in Aikido, Aikido for Children, Self Defense, Women's Self Defense, Cane Self Defense, Japanese Weapons. (more information)