What is Self Defense at Water Oak Aikikai?

Self Defense is a personal right in our country. We each have the legal right to protect ourselves and our loved ones from from assault and personal injury. Along with this right comes a great deal of responsibility. Our laws require that you use appropriate force. You are not allowed to pull out a gun and shoot someone just because they bumped you at the mall. But, may respond to threat of injury or death with like force.

At Water Oak Aikikai we teach Self Defense using Aikido techniques and principles. The techniques studied in Aikido can be very devastating and even lethal. In this regard Aikido is similar to most other martial arts and forms of self defense. The difference is in the principles we apply to our training and practice of Aikido.

Through the nature of our training every Aikido student acquires Self Defense skills. At times we offer Self Defense training to non-Aikido students. These seminars, workshops and classes are taught using Aikido techniques. Generally these techniques are taught just as phisical movements since there is not enough time (or interest) during these sessions to delve into all of the other aspects of Aikido. Attending a Self Defense session will not teach you Aikido, but it will you to prepare your self for possibly dangerous situations.