Cane Classes
A Sample Cane

It's the most practical weapon a martial artist can learn. What other weapon can you carry on a plane or in a casino? Try getting nunchaku past airport security. And if you think about it, what good is learning a weapon if you can't bring it anywhere?"

Master Mark Shuey, Sr.
Cane Masters, Co-Founder
Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Kung Fu

Practical Self Defense.

That's what it is all about. We offer self defense classes and seminars based on the common walking cane. The cane is a simple weapon to use, but can become very deadly with a little practice. Unlike most weapons, it has multiple striking areas, offers single and two-handed gripping, and provides a large blocking target. Yet it is small enough to carry with you or tuck into your car.

We offer the following instruction:
  • Cane Self Defense

    Designed for everyone, these classes do not require any prior martial arts training or skills. The focus is on street smart use of the cane.

  • Aiki Cane

    Aiki Cane is a martial system based on Aikido and Aikijujutsu. The classes are very dynamic and include a considerable amount of throwing your opponent using the cane. Experience with Aikido or Aikijujutsu is preferred, but not required. However, competent falling and rolling (Ukemi) skills are required.

  • Cane Fitness

    Once you start with the cane you will want to carry it with you everywhere. By adding an exercise band you can also have a personal workout system. Using the cane and the exercise band to do tension and isometric exercises that will strngthen and tone your body.

  • The Cane Masters International Association

    In the near future we plan to also offer ranking under The Cane Masters International Association.

The Classes and Training
  • Location

    Classes are held at the Water Oak dojo.
    Please see our contact information.

  • Times

    Please see our schedule.

  • Visitors

    We have an "open door" policy. Anyone is welcome to visit us, see what we are doing, and ask questions.

  • Private Instruction

    Private instruction is available. It may be held at our location or yours. Please contact William McLuskie for more information and scheduling.

  • Demonstrations and Seminars

    We are always happy to share our studies with others. Demonstrations are typically provided free of charge. For seminars or specialized group instruction we do ask a nominal fee to cover expenses. Please contact William McLuskie for more information and scheduling.

Cane Masters

We purchase our canes from Cane Masters.

Cane Masters produces a line of high quality canes designed to take the abuse of real-world street use and regular training. Cane Masters is also our source for the instructional manuals and videos.