Our Fees

At Water Oak Aikikai we offer a very fair fee schedule, that is usually better than what you will find in most "strip mall karate" schools. We do not require long term contracts of any sort. We strive to follow the "if you offer a superior product at a fair price..." philosophy of doing business.

We do not have any "hidden" costs such as testing fees, belt fees, required seminars, print outs, etc. Almost everything is covered in the low monthly dues. The few exceptions are noted in each section below.

Certain classes require a "Start Up" Fee. We ask that you pre-pay for your first 2 months. This accomplishes 2 things: First, it covers the cost of the new uniform that we issue each new student. Second, it is a good incentive to work through the initial classes and help you to get into a groove.

Monthly dues are to be paid during the first week of each month. You will not be allowed to train if you are delinquent.

Our primary purpose is to share the philosophy and practice of Aikido. We charge just enough to cover the cost of running the facility. We do have family and group discounts available. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Demonstrations: We are available for demonstrations at schools, youth groups and public events. We do not charge any fees for demonstrations. For more information please Contact Us.

Seminars: We can customize and present seminars or group instruction in Aikido and/or self-defense. The curriculum can be tailored for 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 hours. We do charge a nominal fee for seminars in order to cover expenses. For more information please Contact Us.

Traditional Aikido
  • Individual Monthly Dues :: $100.
  • Startup Fee :: $200, this covers your first 2 months and a new uniform.
  • Annual USAF Dues :: $60. Collected each February and sent directly to the USAF.
    2020 USAF dues are $45 per adult member + $15 towards the Dojo's USAF dues.
  • USAF Kyu Testing Fees :: $45. These fees apply to each 6th Kyu thru 1st Kyu Test.
    2020 USAF test fees are $45 per adult member + $5 Dojo test fee.
  • Attend as many Aikido classes as you wish.
Family Aikido
  • Family Monthly Dues :: $150.
  • One or both parents must attend class with the children.
Women's Self Defense
  • Self Defense courses are designed to be presented as seminars.
  • These courses can be tailored specifically to the group attending.
  • These courses can be held at Water Oak Aikikai or at your location.
  • For more information and pricing [contact] Brenda.
Cane Self Defense & Aiki-Cane
  • Monthly Dues :: $55.
  • Startup Fee :: $110, this covers your first 2 months and a new uniform.
  • Covers 1 class per week.
  • Does not include Testing fees required by the Cane Masters International Association.
Iaido and Jodo
  • These are closed sessions and are by invitation only.