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2017 Fall Seminar & Testing

We had a fantastic turn out for our 2017 Fall Seminar and Testing.
Look for pictures as soon as we can collect and share them.
The testing was grueling but everyone did a great job, so please congratulate our recent promotions:

        Aikidoka                         Rank            
Edward Estrada2nd Dan
Cesar BaldaShodan
Erik DuttonShodan
Caitlyn McLuskieShodan
Lars Ericson1st Kyu
Eric Kuehn1st Kyu
John Gilbert3rd Kyu
Milford Lavin3rd Kyu
Denis Ryzhikov3rd Kyu
Marilyn Kuehn4th Kyu
Luis Nieto6th Kyu
Sarah DuttonChildren's 1st Kyu
Asher EstradaChildren's 7th Kyu
Evan KuehnChildren's 8th Kyu
Kamran EricsonChildren's 10th Kyu
Alyssa RyzhikovChildren's 10th Kyu

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Aikido Classes at Spark's Martial Arts

We are happy to announce that Water Oak Aikikai has joined with Sparks Martial Arts to offer Traditional Aikido classes as part of their curriculum. Please visit the Aikido Program page for more information.

Sixty One

Functioning harmoniously together, right and left give birth to all techniques. The left hand takes hold of life and death the right hand controls it. The four limbs of the body are the four pillars of heaven, and manifest the eight directions, yin and yang, inner and outer.

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